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Chairman of the Board
Management Team



1983.9-1988.8 Children's Primary School of the 5th Automobile Team
1988.9-1991.8 Tibet Transportation Middle School
1991-1995 .8 Lhasa Middle School in Tibet
1995.9-1998 .8 Tibetan Institute for Nationalities
1998.9-2003 .3 Work of the Dui Long Design Economic Committee
2003.3-2005.3 Deputy Director of the Duolong Development and Reform Commission
2005.3-2007.3 Out of work study at Tianjin University
2007.3-2009 .3 Deputy Director of the Management Committee of Duolong Industrial Park
2009.3 -2013.4 Ren Duolong County Water Resources Bureau Director
2013.4-2015 .1 Director, Deqing District Development and Reform Commission, Duolong
2015.1-To date, Deputy General Manager of Chengtou Co., Ltd. is concurrently Chairman of Tibet Lingfeng Industrial Co., Ltd..


General Manager

From November 2005 to June 2009, he studied law at the School of Political Science and Law of Tibet University
2009-March 2016 Nim County Court, Lhasa
March to December 2016 Lhasa City Investment Company Tender and Procurement Department
December 2016-April 2018 General Manager of Tibet Huaqin Construction Engineering Co., Ltd..
April 2018-August 2018 Chairman and General Manager of Tibet Huaqin Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.. Tibet Penghang Construction Engineering Co., Ltd..
August 2018-General Manager of Tibet Lingfeng Industrial Co., Ltd..


Chairman, Lhasa Chengtou Agricultural and Byproduct Management Co. Ltd..

February 2004-December 2008 Served as Treasurer of Beijing Crab Island Green Ecological Resort
From April 2014 to the present, Lhasa City Investment Agricultural Byproduct Management Co., Ltd. is currently serving as an enterprise legal person and responsible person.


Vice general manager



Vice General Manager and Head of Lhasa Chengtou Automobile Industry Development Co., Ltd. concurrently Chairman of Tibet Huifang Timber Management Co., Ltd.

1974.11-1994 .9 Born and studied in Huining County, Gansu Province;
1994.9-1998 .7 studied at the University of Tibet;
1998.7-November 2001, working at Sig Secondary School;
From 2001.11 to 2004.6, he worked in Jiangsu Middle School in Lhasa;
2004.6-2010 .7 Working in Lhasa Municipal Institute of Physical Education;
2010.7-December 2011 worked in City No. 7 Middle School;
2011.12-December 2013, worked in the Education Bureau of Chengguan District;
Since January 2014, he has worked at Lhasa City Investment Company.


Head, Lhasa City Construction Machinery Market Co. Ltd.

From April 2011 to May 2015, he was the director of the office of Lhasa City Construction Investment Management Co., Ltd..
Chairman of Lhasa Artisanal Products Industry Co. Ltd. from May 2015 to May 2016
Since May 2016, he has served as Chairman of Lhasa City Used Car Trading Co., Ltd.


Vice General Manager, Chairman of Lhasa City Fertiliser Market Co. Ltd.

August 1994-August 1995 Shigatse Hotel, Tibet
August 1995-August 1998 Shigatse International Travel Agency, Tibet
Retention without pay from February 1999 to February 2001
February 2001 to August 2015 Shigatse International Travel Agency, Tibet